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Ontario Drive and Gear in conjunction with Argo Australia and the Argo Robotics Division are pleased to present the following specifications for the Atlas J6 and J8unmanned ground vehicles. The general capabilities of the Atlas J6 and J8 are listed below and more detailed specifications can be obtained by request.

  1. Fully amphibious capability with the ability to enter water with a payload, float and swim across the surface under its own propulsion at up to 5km/h, and exit water back to land
  2. Extreme terrain capability with an 8 wheel skid steer system with an innovative drive transmission which allows for very efficient steering capability never before seen in a robot skid steer platform
  3. High ground clearance of 9.5”
  4. Electric motor drive for very quiet operation capable of carrying large payloads of up to 600kg on land and 300kg on water (Atlas J8), 450kg on land, 225 kg on water (Atlas J6)
  5. Precision low speed operation and maximum speed capability of up to 20 km/h
  6. Long range operational capability using quick interchangeable 48V / 100Ah lithium ion battery packs
  7. Stable platform able to climb, descend, and traverse up to 40 degree inclines
  8. Bead-lock rim and tire system allowing for very low tire pressure operation and run-flat capability for up to 3 tires
  9. Field mountable over wheel track system (optional)
  10. Handheld line of sight remote control using outdoor rated, durable control pad
  11. Full tele-operation capable using remote control station (RCS) through extended range radio and multi-camera system
  12. Autonomous operation through way point GPS route planning with obstacle detection and avoidance sensors
  13. “Follow-Me” – follows lead of human being by way of laser measurement system or an optional ultra-wide band RFID tag and receiver system with GPS route tracking for autonomous return
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  • Engine: Battery Driven with Optional On Board Generator
  • Water Propulsion: Yes
  • Battery: LiFePO4 lithium 100 Ah battery packs (up to 4)
  • Water Propulsion: Yes
  • Towing Capacity: Standard 2" towing receiver - maximum towing capacity 1,500 lb (680 kg)
  • Speed - On Land: 20 km/h
  • Speed - On Water: 5 km/h
  • Vehicle Weight: 1650 lb / 750 kg (not including batteries)
  • Ground Clearance - Tires: 9.5"
  • Ground Clearance - Tracks: 10.5"
  • Max Incline: 40 deg
  • Battery Chemistry: LiFePO4 lithium 100 Ah battery packs (up to 4)
  • Battery Capacity: Up to 19.2 kW hr
  • Traction: 25" ARGO bead lock wheels and tires / Optional ARGO Tracks
  • Operating / Storage Temp: -20 to 40° C / -40 to 50° C
  • Amphibious: Fully amphibious, 5 km/h maximum water speed
  • Extended Range: On-board charger and generator options available
  • Tele-Operation Package: Line-of-sight package including remote control station (RCS) for non-line-of-sight radio communication and telemetry feedback through toughbook computer and game pad controller
  • Full-Autonomous Package: Autonomous navigation through a known environment using predefined missions and tasks using the RCS the operator is able to define a mission (route/path) for the XTR to follow by: follow me operation tele-operation close range control manually entering waypoints using XTR's current location manually entering on RCS map display loading a predefined XML mission file Follow Me Operation: LiDAR is used to detect and track a leader and the XTR follows behind as a trailer would. For resupply missions, the operator may use the RCS to record the path, save it as a mission, and replay it to send the XTR autonomously between the start and end points.
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