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Ever wondered how Argos are made?

Posted by ARGO on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Emergency tasks demand the extra dependability that only ARGO can provide. The 8x8 ARGO overcomes all terrain and weather conditions to transport personnel and equipment to and from the emergency site, quickly and safely. Add ARGO to your rescue fleet for the response you need when the odds are stacked against you.


The Team from the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 2013-2014 had a fantastic day training on thier most recent purchase, the Argo All Terrain Vehicle. The A.A.E Team spent a day in training this week with Argo ATV (Aust) in Brisbane. It seemed wonderfully ridiculous to be preparing for Antarctic conditions by driving in Queensland heat and dust. But somehow it worked. The Team went up and down slopes, raced along tracks and even drove through water. If they are unluckily enough to break through the sea ice, at least we know they will float! The Argo is perfect for making safe passage across Commonwealth Bay to Mawson's huts at Cape Denison. 

Check-out the 2013 A.A.E Journey



Talk about Boys and their Toys!

Meet Patrick McBryde of North Queensland Australia Paddy’s passion for the infamous Argo started at the very young age of only 3 years. From the very first moment young Paddy’s eyes caught sight of an Argo he ran and climbed straight in and sat there saying "Dad, Dad buy this one". Sitting there thinking "One day I will buy myself one of these". Even the tease of a new Argo T-shirt couldn’t tear him away from the Argo that day.

Paddy's Mum Angie calls it "more of an OBSESSION than a passion". "Anyone Paddy speaks to gets the full 'low-down' on the Argos". "He still does it today when he meets people".  "Paddy is always on YouTube checking out movies and peoples posts about the Argo's. There is nothing he doesn't know about Argos".

The persuasive gifts back at 3 years of age of a T-shirt and an Argo DVD, have now long worn out but Paddy's passion and 'love affair' live on strong and run deep in Paddy's veins.

Now 12 years old, Paddy's hard work on the family farm, his sheer determination and persistence has paid off as of last Christmas Paddy received his very own Blue Argo Frontier 580 6WD Amphibious all-terrain vehicle, complete with a Roll Bar. Oh yeah, and a new Argo T-Shirt and DVD.

Congratulations Paddy, we all at Argo are very proud of you. Well done and enjoy your Argo!

Argo All Terrain Vehicles (Aust)  Ph: 61-7-5428 1955


As a mosquito plague hits SE-Qld the Argo Avenger 750HDi is an important tool to access environmentally sensitive areas where the mosquitos breed. Also with the long life* and impeccable safety record of No fatalities in Aust in 35years**, the Argo is the obvious choice of off road vehicles.

*GCCC's previous fleet of Argos were in commission for 7years working in a harsh and salty environment.

**Facts provided by Argo ATV (Aust) March 2013




David Ireland 'The Wildlife Man' recieves vital Argo driver training before shooting his next exciting outback Australian film using the tough Argo Avenger 750HDi. The Wildlife Man knows too well, how important it is to know and understand your machine, especially when you may need to push things to the extreme! Checkout The Wildlife Man's documentary films on Channel 9 and his Youtube Channel

Argo ATV working hard protecting the Australian wild dog/dingo fence

The people maintaining the Australian Wild Dog Fence trust their Argos to get them and their gear out and back. For more than 10years the Argo (now three Argos) have been a great tool for the crew running the repairs on our famous long Dingo fence. Argo ATV (Aust) are proud to support the Argo and the crew of the Wild Dog Destruction Board.

Now with the inland lakes starting to dry up again (as they do) the Argo is the best vehicle to get over the mud,,,, and we mean MUD!

Argo Driving over Hyacinth Water Weed

With the very low ground pressure of the Argo Avenger combined with specific wide sharp grouser tracks this Argo Avenger 750HDi can traverse tick noxious water hyacinth which blocks water ways and kills water life! Now Councils and Water Boards can traverse and spray this weed pest and save our precious waterways.  

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