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Avenger/Aurora Range

This brave beast isn’t afraid of a hard day’s work. In fact, it thrives in harsh, unpredictable and challenging terrain conditions. The Avenger Pro 800…
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Introducing the all-new Aurora 800 with ARGO Progressive Steering (APS). The goal at ARGO was not just to create another new model, it was to…
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Excitement awaits. The 2019 Avenger 800 Hunt Master is an adventure every time you head out to go hunting. When you have a 30HP twin…
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Excitement awaits. The 2019 Avenger 800 is an adventure every time you put it in gear. When you have a 30HP twin cylinder liquid cooled…
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The Avenger 8x8 Responder amphibious XTV is powered by a 4 cycle OHV V-Twin gasoline EFI engine, electronic ignition, liquid cooled Kohler Aegis LH 775…
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For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing, including PFD’s (Life Jackets) if using an XTV in the water. Always remember that riding/driving and alcohol or drugs don't mix. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Never carry passengers unless the model is specifically designed by the manufacturer to carry a passenger. Never engage in stunt driving. Avoid excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Ride responsibly.



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Phone Now: 1300 731 082