Argo Atv’s, Reshaping Australian Farm Vehicles

Argo ATV’s, Reshaping Australian Farm Vehicles

From running cattle to producing crop and hobby farming, making a living off the Australian land is honest, but hard work. Argo understands this and has been working with Australian farmers for over 39 years, developing highly versatile all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) to help you get more done, in less time.

Argo ATV’s are farm vehicles that can truly go anywhere, in any weather conditions. You can use your Argo ATV to get jobs done that would normally require multiple vehicles, such as:

1. Transport equipment or livestock during torrential rain, ice or mud.
2. Make weed control and fencing repairs easier with ideal vehicle spraying and working access.
3. Work safely on steep terrain or the edge of a lake or dam.
4. Deliver hay or fertiliser with ease and optimal pulling power.
5. Carry gear or work hands in safety and comfort.
6. Significantly reduce your environmental impact.
7. Get brilliant value, Argo ATV’s last 3 times longer and are more efficient than other farm vehicles on the market.

Here’s how Argo ATV’s are helping farmers right now:


Increase Your Farm’s Output And Reduce Overheads

Due to big retail and supermarkets, today’s challenge is to get livestock or produce onto the market at highly competitive prices and being able to do continue to deliver throughout the entire year or season, rain, hail or shine.

Argo ATV’s are much more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, and because of this, farmers can get jobs done faster and more efficiently in any weather. Their physical impact is low too, not only on your soil but they don’t take up much space in the shed, use little fuel and are easy to drive.

With an Argo ATV on your side, you can get to cattle or your produce faster, increase your productivity and lower your operating overheads. You can see examples of Argo ATV’s in action here.


Is Safety Paramount On Your Farm?

Keeping you and your team safe is crucial for most farmers. If you get injured, your farm can fail to produce, and you could be stuck in a financial situation that is hard to get out of. For these reasons, we are proud to announce that Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia.

Argo ATV’s are not new to Australia, in fact, this statistic rate has been recorded over the last 39 years. The key is Argo ATV’s unique vehicle engineering and design:

  • Argo ATV’s have a remarkable low centre of gravity, and your payload sits inside the vehicle, not on top of it even further lower the weight.
  • Argo ATV’s have no moving suspension travel as this is managed by the tires and wheels, meaning there’s no springs or bounce effects that can cause injuries.
  • Rigid static rollover protection is available and should be considered in extreme terrains; please contact us to ask about this.

Another benefit for farmers is that Argo ATV’s use conventional automotive controls and gauges, and the Argo’s zero turning radius contribute to easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of conditions.


Reduce Soil Compaction And Your Environmental Impact

Reducing soil compaction is especially important during planting, but did you know that conventional tractors exert approximately 28 pounds per square inch (psi) or more on the ground, and a human footprint is around 7-8 psi?

An unloaded Argo equipped with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts only 1.5 psi, and throughout the range of Argo ATV’s you are looking at the lowest environmental impact on the market. It’s not just fruit and vegetable farms where this matters, consider trying to get through sand, mud or extremely wet conditions after rainfall; an Argo ATV will do it with ease and get you quickly to where you need to be.


Test Drive An Argo ATV Today!

With Argo’s unique engineering and features, you can complete any job safely, efficiently and easily. Just get in touch with the ARGO team today on 1300 731 082.

Argo vehicles, proudly produced since 1967.