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Story Of An Argo Owner


We have a 650 acre cattle property producing vealers for the local markets.  We have very little flat country so we need a vehicle that is not only functional but safe & stable in this unforgiving terrain and with all the deaths of us farmers on ATVs my wife and I both felt we needed something different and the Argo fits the bill admirably. Over the past 24 years we have owned 4 Argos – starting with the 6 wheel Vanguard, then a Vanguard 2, a Big Foot & currently an Argo Frontier 580. We are yet to find another ATV that comes within a bull’s roar of the Argo. In this black soil country, the Argos ability to work in wet weather & without damaging the ground compared to other vehicles is a huge benefit. Its ability to “turn on the spot” if we find ourselves in a tight situation (a dead end on a hillside) is a real plus.

Extras we had added to the Argo have further enhanced its usefulness around the farm – a full length skid plate, a front rack to carry fencing gear & a rear mounted calf cradle. We have Scales fitted to the Calf Cradle to weigh our newborn calves as they are tagged and the Cradle also doubles as an ambulance for cradling a sick calf for retrieval allowing mum to follow home beside her calf. A spray tank fitted in the rear section allows us to deal with weeds in hilly areas thanks to its low centre of gravity. In our opinion, Argos are the only vehicles people should contemplate using in steep country.

All vehicles need backup from their dealer, & we found our Argo agent “Argo All Terrain Vehicles” as good as we could wish for. As an obvious Argo convert the best advice for longevity for our Argo as with any of our farm equipment) was to follow the service advice given in the detailed Owners Manual. 2,700 hours on our last trade-in… not bad in my opinion! And I heard a guy on the coast bought to run around his coastal block.

Thank you to everyone from Argo as Gill and I retire from the farm to beautiful Tassy!