Beat The 4wd Masses On Your Next Family Camping Trip With An Argo

Are you flicking through the internet, eagerly planning your next family camping trip to one of Australia’s most majestic spots like Fraser or Bribie island, Port Stephens, Ninety Mile Beach, or the 1000’s of pristine camping areas in the NT, Tassie and WA?

And do you want to beat the ever growing 4WD crowds?

Do you also think that coastal caravan parks where you camp 30cm from your neighbour’s tent or caravan are a joke (with no campfire, common!), and you want real, unforgettable holidays?

If you are like us and believe camping is about getting away from it all, then you might want to check out what many true campers and adventurers call the ‘funnest way to travel’ over any kind of terrain, an Argo ATV.

One twist of the throttle and you will be hooked!


Let The Other Families Get Bogged And Frustrated

Even the most pimped out 4WD’s are renowned for getting bogged in deep sand or mud, which can be one serious downer if you are planning a family holiday. If you have been bogged on a beach or trail for hours with the kids and no 4G internet, you will know what we mean.

In an Argo, these obstacles just add more smiles to your trip and the kids will quickly forget about their phones.

On dirt and mud trails an Argo pulls along like you’ve a team of wild broncos out front, and corners with a swiftness of a Taumalolo sidestep. When driving an Argo, you will literally feel like you are floating over sand and rock, climbs hills like a tank and if you want to drive it into a lake or cross a river, you can.

Argo’s are can go amphibious, so when you take an Argo out, you have also got a tinny. Try taking a 4WD into a lake! Actually, that’s probably best avoided.

Either way, you will hear a few new giggles when you start driving your Argo into water.


An Argo Can Take You To Amazing New Locations

When you are planning a family camping or fishing adventure in the more remote places of Australia, one thing you need to be confident about, is knowing you can get the fam bam safely back to camp again. With an engine, drive train and chassis that is tougher than any 4WD on the market, you can push further with total confidence in an Argo.

Let’s say you are halfway through a sandy trail heading to a new fishing spot with the kids, but you see a stack of 4WD’s getting bogged. You might be tempted to turn back if you are also in a 4WD. In an Argo, you will have to tell the kids to not look smug as you cross with ease.

With an Argo there is little chance of getting bogged, breaking a CV, tail shaft or diff. In fact, you probably won’t be featured in any of these videos: 4×4 Fails

Yes, not being smug is hard in an Argo, one of the only downfalls really.


Keeping Your Family Safe, That Is Also Number One

Adventuring into stunning new spots is a tonne of fun, putting your family in danger is not. In Australia, Argo ATV’s have had an unmatched zero fatality rate since 1978 when the first Argo arrived on our shores from our Canadian cousins, where Argo’s are made.

Without going into all the technical details (which you can find on our main website if you like, explaining an Argo’s safety is simple. No other vehicle like it existed for serious, and safe family adventures, so we built one.

An Argo is a 4WD (more like a tank) and a small boat all in one.

As you have probably gathered, the team at Argo are passionate about exploration, so much so, that we are now helping NASA design vehicles for space exploration. But you do not need to go to space to see amazing scenery, perhaps there is a new camping spot, beach or lake near you that you have been wanting to explore?


An Argo Can Handle Everything You Throw At Them, Or In Them

An Argo can pull some serious loads, up to 900kg! And the more people or weight you put in your Argo, the safer they are. An Argo is almost the opposite of a 4WD design which originated from cars driving on smooth city roads, not an adventure built vehicle like the Mars rover.

From hauling a catch of bass or snapper to loading up your Argo with surfboards or firewood for your yearly bonfire, an Argo urges you to get out there and amongst it.

As important, Argo’s have a super low footprint (yes, ecologist use them too) so that when you find a new spot, the area will remain pristine and continue to flourish. Nobody wants to find a new a secret camping, fishing or surfing spot, only to find out that the area is gone when you next go back.

With an Argo you venture into stunning new spots, and you can keep them all for yourself. Being greedy is fun after all.


Contact The Argo Team Today

If you are looking for the ultimate family vehicle for camping and fishing, and making the kids forget about their phones for a few weeks, try an Argo. Just contact our friendly team today on 1300 731 082 with any questions, or to arrange a test drive.

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