Do You Need To Haul Heavy Loads Across Difficult Terrains?

Do You Need To Haul Heavy Loads Across Difficult Terrains?

Whether you are hauling hay during the wet season or towing specialised equipment to a remote mining site, the Argo is designed for those who need to haul heavy loads across difficult terrains.

The sheer pulling power of an Argo can seem relentless.

With a 650kg load capacity and a 900kg towing capacity, an Argo is the perfect work or play companion; even adventure tour operators are now using Argo’s to transport people and equipment where a 4WD truck, conventional ATV come unstuck and are limited in their towing abilities.


Farming: Using An Argo To Haul Food, Livestock Or Equipment

Farmers across Australia and the world love their Argo’s for moving food and fertiliser across difficult parts of their farms. And with the towing abilities, are using their Argo’s to rescue livestock or equipment in daunting weather, make spraying a snap, and using their Argo’s to haul heavy loads like trees that need removal.

Towing for farmers is only the beginning however, Argo’s are also famous for outlasting any 4WD while requiring lower maintenance. That makes the Argo remarkably cost effective if you are looking for the ultimate farm vehicle!


Mining: Get Your Workers And Equipment Safely To Challenging Locations

As the only ATV that is approved for use on Australian mining sites, Argo’s are hauling personnel and equipment to difficult locations each and every day, from first on-site surveyors and drillers, to reducing response time on critical projects like pipeline maintenance.

With leading auger and power pack attachments, Argo’s can be fitted with equipment such as the Maxilift mono-boom crane, or drilling modules for research and sample collection. Argo also developed a Universal Mounting System (UMS) with partners such as VMAC, Lincoln Electric and Chicago Pneumatic, so options like custom toolboxes, generators, water pumps, etc can easily be customised and added for your equipment needs.

With its pulling capacity of difficult terrains, you can get your people and equipment safely to any location on your mining site, or a new one.


Government: Argo’s Are Being Used For Council Projects All Over Australia

With a proven track record supporting the Australian government, Argo all-terrain vehicles are helping councils and rescue services haul personnel and equipment to challenging locations.

Meeting and exceeding most tender specifications, the Argo’s towing abilities make this ATV the perfect vehicle for government projects, like the Queensland council’s project to combat mosquito plagues to the Argo’s used to help maintain Australia’s largest 5,614km long dingo fence.

Contact us if you would like to see one case study that shows that the Argo is up to four times safer and faster than conventional transportation means.


Camping: Haul People, Gear And Your Catch

On dirt, sand and even mud trails, an Argo pulls along like there is a herd of wild buffalo out front, and corners on a dime. Driving an Argo feels like you are floating over sand and rock and an ARGO climbs hills like a tank, even with a full 900kg load attached.

So, whether you are lugging gear to a remote or difficult to access camp, hauling firewood or your days catch, an Argo can make camping, fishing or just exploring uncharted location fun and safe.

The best part of taking an Argo on your next family adventure, you can wave goodbye to the growing 4WD crowds as you be able to access places a 4WD couldn’t dream of.


One Argo Can Replace Multiple Vehicles

Argo ‘s can tow your equipment anywhere, anytime, in the worst weather condition you could imagine. Because of this, a lot of our customers find that they can reduce the number of vehicles they need, especially on farms and mining sites.

With more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, Argo’s use little fuel and are easy to drive, even when hauling a 900kg load.

If you would like to know more about towing equipment with an Argo, please get in touch with the Argo team on 1300 731 082.

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