Give Your Mining Site The Safety And Transportation Versatility Your Workers Need With Argo Atv’s

Give Your Mining Site The Safety And Transportation Versatility Your Workers Need With Argo ATV’s

With a proven track record across Australian mining sites, Argo all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) are changing the way mining companies are getting personnel and equipment to difficult locations – such as faster access for first-on-site surveyors and drillers, or reducing time-critical issues like pipeline maintenance where response efficiency is paramount.

Argo ATV’s are not only more versatile and reliable than traditional vehicles. They also offer a significantly reduced environmental impact. Argo ATV’s can be used to access a variety of areas that include bush; forests; sand; steep and stony terrain; mud; ice and can even travel across lakes and dams.

Meeting all site certifications and with full operator training, today we explore the main benefits of Argo ATV’s:


1. When Mining Site Safety Is Paramount

When it comes to mining site safety it is not just government eye watching, but also public eyes and community pressures, and naturally keeping your team safe is crucial for their motivation and moral. For the reasons, we are proud to announce that Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia.

Argo ATV’s are not new to Australia either, in fact, this zero fatality rate has been recorded over the last 39 years. The key is Argo ATV’s unique vehicle engineering and design, with a remarkable low centre of gravity and rigid, static rollover protection.

If you would like more about Argo’s safety certifications or testing procedures, please contact our team on 1300 731 082 or enquire here.


2. Increasing Site Performance While Reducing Costs

Today’s big challenge is to accelerate site production and performance while staying ahead of budgets. With work crews, tools and equipment often having to be moved quickly across difficult or undeveloped locations, Argo ATV’s can reduce the time it takes to get out on site and lower transport expenses.

Argo ATV’s are more versatile and reliable than 4WD’s and can transverse conditions that include difficult or dense terrains such as bushland, mud plains and lakes. Because of this, many mining sites are even able to reduce the number of people carriers their site requires.

Another benefit is the ability to pull or carry heavy loads such as tools and drilling equipment for resource exploration. You can see examples of Argo ATV’s in action here.


3. Lowering Your Environmental Impact

Mining sites across Australia are now using Argo ATV’s to collect geotechnical data and stake claims in remote areas due to their ability to safely carry crews and equipment where other vehicles can’t. However, there’s also the environmental impact and tightening government regulations to consider.

In environmentally sensitive areas, Argo ATV’s, even fully loaded, leave a staggering lower footprint than a person walking, making them ideal for transport, surveying and exploring.

If you are working to strict environmental regulations, please contact the Argo team to discuss your site requirements.


4. Easily Customise Your Vehicles For Your Needs

With high-reliability power pack and auger attachments, Argo ATV’s can be fitted with accessories such as the Maxilift mono-boom crane, or drilling modules for exploration and sample collection.

Argo have also developed a Universal Mounting System (UMS) with companies such as VMAC, Lincoln Electric and Chicago Pneumatic, so options like a flatbed, toolboxes, generators, water pumps, etc. are available and cost-effective if you need them for your operations.


5. Argo ATV’s Are Improving Mining Operations

When access, safety, reliability and the lowest environmental footprint matter, Argo ATV’s are the right choice. Our mining industry customers continue to find new applications for their vehicles, and Argo engineers are proudly working with clients on Australian mining sites of all shapes and sizes.

If you would like to know more about how our ATV’s can improve your sites safety, reliability and increase crew output, please get in touch with the Argo team today on 1300 731 082.

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