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Unlike 4WDs and other ATVs. ARGO ATVs and XTVs are designed to go anywhere on your farm, making your everyday jobs easier and more enjoyable – in any weather condition. ARGO gives you the power to get out on land sooner after rain, or access those steep and difficult areas other vehicles can’t.

Not only cross water and mud with ease, but those extremely soft areas without getting muddy or wet. Working off the side of your vehicle has never been easier, like spraying weeds or mending fences in uneven terrain.

What’s more is that you will be decreasing your environmental impact knowing that a fully loaded ARGO applies less ground pressure than the average person walking.

Get the job done quickly, safely and effectively with an ARGO. Scroll down to see our Agriculture range and some case studies to show you why the ARGO should be your next farming vehicle.

Vehicles used in Agriculture

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  • Before: Action: Results:
  • Acerage block Qld. Partialy fenced property and mostly unimproved land covered in declared weeds . Aquired Argo Frontier 8WD Can now access steep gullies and paddocks and over come most, if not all obstacles and perform tasks safer than with previous Quad bike.
  • Steep Terrain covered in heavy brush - Difficuilt to gain traction and manoeuvre tight turns between trees on quad bike. The Argo's very low centre of gravity and skid steer capability allows easier manoeuvrability and safer access Now able to carry up to 200lts of poison or all tools and materials for the task at hand a lot closer if not right up to the job.
  • Occasional heavy annual rain fall creates slippery and sometimes dangerous conditions. The Argo's all eight wheel drive (8WD) provides more than double the traction with all 8 wheels 'locked' and working together. (Like a 'Locked Diff' in a 4wd but with 8wd). Doesn't matter how much rain is experinced access to more paddocks is easier and safer and much sooner after if not during rain events.
  • Existing grazing paddock covered in Gaint Rats Tail and Groundsel weed. Utilising a C-Dax Weed Wiper (2.4m wide wipe) towed behind the Argo with a 200lt spray tank installed 'low down' in the back of the Argo Easliy treated 10 times more ground weed than ever before and able to control a clean paddock with more feed for livestock.
  • Need access to open mud areas sooner after wetter periods to reduce the breeding cycle Employ the Argo for its all 8Wheel Drive traction, Low Ground Pressure and Amphibious capabilities Now able to treat areas immediately after rain or king tides without down time between treaments; reducing the chance of a plague
  • Large gullies covered in Lantana. Hand sprayed at closer range with a 200lt spray tank and HG2 Pistol Gun from the drivers seat of the Argo. "LESS Over growth = MORE Feed = BETTER Efficiency = FATTER Livestock = FATTER Wallet"
  • Water Supply (Dam) covered in Water Hyacinth. With a spray tank installed in the rear of the Argo and simply drive through and amgonst the Water Hyacinth; hand spraying from within the safety of the Amphibious Argo. "The Photos say it all! Very Impressed indeed!(Before and After photos below)"
  • Run down and unmaintained fences and some in steep areas. Swap the fitted Argo Spray Tank with a fitted Argo Hard Liner to carry ALL fencing gear and protect the Argo seat cushions. All fences repaired in a lot less time and less risk. Easier mainteance means it gets done, which means no loss of stock.
  • Current ATV is extremely unstable particularly with spray tank fitted to front or rear carry rack. The Argo has a lower point of roll over and a lower mounting of spray tank and cargo. An extremely safe vehicle unloaded and loaded, And carries more!