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  • Need to access environmentally sensitive areas; Wetlands, Salt Marsh and Intertidal areas Utilise the Argo for its inherent and extremely low ground presure on tyres (lower on tracks). Also any spillage from the Argo is captured within the hull of the Argo. With less ground pressure than the average man walking and possible spillage contained within the Argo; crews can treat areas otherwise banned from access with vehicles
  • Currently cannot access all areas safely, particulary close to the waters edge where the ground is softer or due to weed/reed over growth. Commission the Argo for its Amphibious capability (Great Safety Net) Can now treat areas that couldn't be accessed before, including shoreline regions
  • Current Vehicles don't comply with WH&S requirements Install optional certified ROPS (Roll Over Protections Structure) including seat belts to Argo. Not only Comply with WH&S requirements but also have one of the safest off road vehicles in use. Operators are positioned inside the Argo directly protected from the elements.
  • And have a high National fatality record due to Rollover Engage the Argo as it has had ZERO Fatalities in 35years (at the time) A safer and more complaint vehicle
  • Need access to open mud areas sooner after wetter periods to reduce the breeding cycle Employ the Argo for its all 8 Wheel Drive traction, Low Ground Pressure and Amphibious capabilities Now able to treat areas immediately after rain or king tides without down time between treaments; reducing the chance of a plague
  • Reduce Costs- Ideally share new equipment with other departments to share costs. Dual Purpose would be Ideal - i.e share with 'Parks or Water Depts' for Weed Control As the 8WD Argo has a large and versitile carry capacity 'Parks' can also utilise the Argo (a safer option than previous vehicles) in accessing difficult areas for Weed Control. Spread aquisition costs across two departments.
  • Reduce current high annual turnover of vehicles Appointed the Argo with a hull design that protects the driveline Although a slightly higher initial outlay the Argo has a longer life expectancy - Proven up to 3 times longer than previous ATVs. Thanks largely to the drive line being protected from the harsh elements of the treated environment.
  • Reduce tyre ruts that cause new breeding grounds Install optional Rubber Track Kit reduces ground pressure to less than 0.7psi No deep ruts left behind in mud to retreat - improving efficiently 2 fold