A Short History Of Argo Atv’s!

Perhaps you remember the 60’s, it was an important time in Australian history that shaped our culture. Did you know that ARGO began in the 60’s?

Before the Argo name existed, Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG) was founded in the Canadian town of Kitchener in 1962, to make power transmission and gears for the North American market. ODG were, and still are transmissions experts that began manufacturing for an ATV called the Amphicat.

Soon after in 1967, ODG decided to introduce a 6-wheel amphibious vehicle of its own, and the Argo was born! In 1969, ODG moved to a 10-acre site in New Hamburg and began designing and building some of the industries most reliable and versatile amphibious vehicles. To the future!


Argo In The 70’s

In 1971 ODG did something new, introducing a ‘stretched’ version of the Argo ATV, an 8-wheeler with the greatest cargo capacity on the market. This first 8-wheeler was suitably powered by a 440cc Kohler engine.

But as is the Argo way, by continually looking for ways to better the Argo design, ODG also start switching to high-density polyethene materials for the vehicle bodies, and by 1975 were using Tecumseh 4-cycle engines. With the 4-cycle Argo, ODG’s market expanded from the recreational sector into the farming, utility, industrial and commercial sectors, where 90% of Argo vehicles are used today in Australia!


Argo In The 80’s

The 80’s in Australia were good times. In 1981 we saw the first Argo 8 I/C (industrial commercial) with hydraulic steering brakes. This ground-breaking model quickly captured 60% of the market in North America.

Then in 1985 the Argo 6 Twin was introduced, powered by the Briggs & Stratton, 656cc twin cylinder I/C engine while seeing the last Tecumseh equipped vehicles came off the assembly line. A new era began for ODG an in 1989, the 8×8 Magnum and the 6×6 Magnum, new top-of-the-line models with revolutionary clutch designs to increase top end land speed entered the market, exceeding many client’s expectations.


Argo In The 90’s

In 1992, ODG celebrated a proud 25 years of Argo production and in 1993, ODG introduced the Argo Conquest, the first liquid-cooled Argo using the Kawasaki FD620D 20hp V-twin engine. The Conquest captured the imagination of people like never before, and long lead times were challenge as demand far exceeded production rates.

The Argo 8×8 Response was then introduced in 1995, and the Bigfoot invaded the market in 1997, with an extended wheelbase to accommodate the 25″ tires, enhancing comfort over rough terrain.

With this new demand, ODG made a bold move and increased the New Hamburg manufacturing and office space by 40,000 square feet, further reflecting the Argo popularity and customer focus on quality and safety first.


Argo In The 2000’s

After the extension in 2000, the ODG gear division had outgrown its plant again, so in the fall of 2007 another 17,000 sq. ft. expansion was drawn up and completed in April 2008.

Perhaps one of the biggest milestones for Argo as a company was in 2008 when we were asked to help the Canadian Space Agency design a vehicle to withstand conditions on the moon. Yes, the Lunar Rover!


Argo In The 2010’s

And here we are in 2018, how times have changed! ODG’s focus has remained the same, to continue building the best amphibious vehicles in the world for farming, industry and recreation use. Argo ATVs leads the way when it comes to micro and hobby farming technology. Farmers are using Argo’s to safely and effectively cross difficult terrains like thick weeds, ice, mud, sand and even dams.


Where To Now?

So to space and beyond, the focus for Argo now is on commercial markets, expanding into insect reduction, fire brigade search and rescues, mining site exploration with lifting and drilling, among many other industries that require versatile vehicles for harsh terrains.

Argo would also like to thank all of our amazing clients. It is only with your support that we have been able to build the best amphibious vehicles on the market, since the 60’s!

If you love the idea of having a new Argo for your farm, business, government department, or just for fun, contact the Argo team on 1300 731 082.

How Does Bhp Billiton Improve Mining Site Efficiency And Safety?

It is remarkable to look back at the history of Australian mining, and see how much we have advanced through technology and experience, especially when it comes to safety and efficiency. Two factors that are at the forefront of not only our government but also the public eye.

And one area that is significantly improved is our ability to get mining personnel and equipment safety to difficult locations, such as first-on-site surveyors, engineers and drillers. On top of that, being able to reduce time-critical maintenance like pipeline servicing where efficiency is paramount.


How do BHP Billiton use their Argo ATV’S?

BHP Billiton is one such a mining company who use Argo ATVs due to their flexibility to tackle any terrain with utmost safety with a zero-fatality rate recorded over the last 39 years. BHP Billiton is, for example, using Argo ATV’s in the Port Hedland harbour and surrounding mud flat areas to take seabed samples.

Accessing these mud flats and similar areas was a massive challenge at low tide, and severely hazardous in any traditional vehicle due to low water levels and mud. Regular vehicles, nor are boats, able to do the job effectively or efficiently. What the BHP Billiton team needed was an amphibious vehicle that could both float and drive on mud, and was environmentally friendly.

Argo Atv’s were the perfect solution, being unique vehicles that can tackle water, mud and dry land with outstanding reliability. The Argo’s installed tracks also decreased the ground bearing pressure to 4.6 kPa (0.67 PSI) when fully loaded, letting the vehicle easily traverse areas that would be near impossible to access, even on foot!


Would An Argo ATV Suit Your Project?

It is not only BHP Billiton that are putting Argo ATVs to work, ferry drillers use Argo’s in harbours, and scientists and researchers are using them to study and collect samples on mud flats.

But the first thing we would recommend is having a look at some Argo ATVs that are designed for mining applications. You can find them here.

The range of Argo ATVs is quite extensive. There are also numerous options you can kit your Argo ATV’s out with to get jobs done faster, and safer.

Some options include optional tracks and various safety options including lights on function, battery isolation, reflector striping, additional handholds, radio communications, a rotating siren/beacon, additional lighting, a robust sun canopy, reversing and handbrake alarms.  You can also install a Ferno71 stretcher and a custom rack if you need the perfect vehicle for emergency rescues in difficult to access locations.


Can You Carry Additional Equipment?

Yes, excitingly Argo ATVs can now have a towable trailer that can tackle the same terrain as the Argo itself, without affecting performance, safety or reliability. This trailer is perfect for companies like BHP Billiton who use it to transport equipment and supplies to and from the marine areas.

We need to thank Gary May, the Environmental Superintendent for the MPDJV at the ADP Port projects for his guidance, support and time with developing the new Argo trailer. Thanks Gary!


What Is Install For The Future Of Mining Equipment?

The big challenge today is to accelerating site production and efficiency to meet targets. And we believe this will only continue to tighten in the next decade and beyond. Argo ATVs are designed to help here, to transport work crews, tools and equipment quickly and easily across difficult locations and lower transport expenses.

Having flexible, safe and reliable vehicles will only get more demanding, that is why Argo ATVs are designed to outperform traditional 4WDs in demanding locations such as bushland, mud plains and lakes. Many mining sites are even reducing the number of people carriers their sites require.


Get In Touch With The ARGO Team

While you cannot just yet put your Argo on autopilot to do your wedding or feed your cattle while you sleep in, Argo ATVs do lead the way when it comes to micro and hobby farming technology. Farmers are using Argo’s to safely and effectively cross difficult terrains like thick weeds, ice, mud, snow, sand and even dams.

If you would like to know more about how BHP Billiton and other mining sites are improving safety, reliability and crew output, please get in touch with the Argo team today on 1300 731 082.

What Does The Future Of Farming Vehicles Look Like?

In big agriculture, the future of farming is shaping up to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Drones monitoring cattle and crops, seriously advanced autonomous tractors and dozens of other technical advances that can put even more information at a farmer’s fingertips so that they can make smarter decisions.

Autonomous vehicles, for example, will be able to determine the ground moisture levels, plantation and yield statistics, efficiency of harvesting with fuel and circuit analysis, and even provide guidance on when to fertilise.


Big Agriculture Is Throwing A Lot More Money Into Developing High-Tech Tools To Increase Harvests And Profits

We however do feel that this takes away from the work ethic and charm of micro-farming. Working hard is tough, but the results are what makes us feel productive and gives us a sense of contribution. The feeling you do not get sitting behind a desk!  Automate all of that, and what do we have left? And can we trust our tractors to make the right decisions? They will after all, be talking to each other in the future.

There are also the costs associated with technology advances. Costs that will undoubtedly reduce in the years to come, but for now, even if this technology all existed, it would likely be too expensive for the majority of Aussie micro-farmers anyway.


The Future Is Exciting, But So Is Today We Think

While the Argo team are tracking, adopting and contributing to these technical advances. It is easy to get swept up in technology without fully knowing the long-term impact, i.e. people losing jobs and the results that has on our entire society.


How Is Argo Pushing Into The Future Of Farming?

In one word, cautiously! Because there are real risks that we need to take into consideration when farming. For example, did you know that sadly around 20 people were killed in ATV accidents in 2017, with half of those fatalities being mature working adults? Yup, hard-working farmers.

Imagine how high the number of injuries are in comparison to number of fatalities. Much higher! It is a scary thought. Here at Argo, our technical advanced factor in safety as the number one component. You might have heard us talking about our safety record of zero fatalities across Australia in 39 years, and this is a record we strive to keep breaking.


Safety For Us, Beats Technology

The secret to the Argo’s astonishing safety record is simple, it is physics. Argo ATVs have an extremely low Centre of Gravity (COG) and are consequently near impossible to roll, which is where most accidents happen.


Are You Moving With The Times?

While you cannot just yet put your Argo on autopilot to do your wedding or feed your cattle while you sleep in, Argo ATVs do lead the way when it comes to micro and hobby farming technology. Farmers are using Argo’s to safely and effectively cross difficult terrains like thick weeds, ice, mud, snow, sand and even dams.

If your farm has any of these challenging terrains or weather conditions, an Argo will be your best friend when you need to:

  • Move equipment or livestock during torrential rain
  • Spray weeds or repair fences, working off the side of your vehicle
  • Work safely on steep terrains like lake edges
  • Cross water and mud without getting wet or muddy
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Rain, hail or shine, Argo ATVs are built to perform, so you could say we are the leaders technically when it comes to smaller farm vehicles!


Argo’s Engineering Is Also Environmentally Friendly

It is not only the ability to replace a few farming vehicles with 1 Argo, it is also the Argo’s ability to reduce soil compaction that matters. Your standard tractor exerts around 28 psi or more on your soil, a human footprint is around 7-8 psi. An Argo with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts around 1.5 psi. Remarkable engineering!

In many ways, we believe this low environmental impact is the future of farming too. Because while automation is a hot topic, ensuring the soil in your ground can be used year-after-year should be an even hotter topic.


Like To Know More About How Argo Are Leading The Way For Smaller Farms?

If you are a micro-farmer, we know that effectively and efficiently harvesting all year round really matters. And if you are looking for the ultimate micro-farm vehicle that is more versatile than a swiss army knife, we would love to chat with you. Simply get in touch with the friendly Argo team today on 1300 731 082.

Guide: The 5-point Checklist For Staying Safe On Your Atv

While Argo ATVs are by far the safest all-terrain-vehicles on the Australian market, with a zero fatality rate across Australia in 39 years, it probably goes without saying that still pays to take all precautions when you, friends and family are operating an ATV.

That is why we have created a neat 5-point checklist, to help you stay safe. But before jumping into it, it is good to understand the risks ‘standard ATVs’ come with, starting with a few stats.

In Australia, we need to look back to July 2000 – December 2005 when during these 5.5 years, the ATV Deaths Register recorded a total of 76 ATV associated fatalities, 53 of these from ATVs being used on farms.

As for injuries, the stats sadly stack up too. Data gathered in NSW alone for ATV hospital admissions over the same 5.5 year period showed 228 cases. You can only imagine this injury figure across all of Australia!

Your ‘standard ATVs’ come with risks, which is why the ARGO team designed our ATVs for safety first and our vehicles are used extensively for applications like farming, mining and government projects where safety is paramount.


The Two Key Reasons Argo ATVs Are Safer:


1. A Lower Centre Of Gravity

Considering that 43% of all fatalities in the studies above were due to rollovers, ATV safety is directly linked to gravity and weight distribution. That is why the Argo ATV’s engine, gears and axles all sit down in the shell, to lower the centre of gravity and reduce rollovers by up to 75% when compared to standard ATVs!


2. No Moving Suspension Travel

Rollovers are often caused by the nasty ‘bounce effects’ that you get with suspension, suspension is a big spring after all. Instead of springs, Argo ATVs use unique tires and wheels for a comfy ride, and in turn, significantly reduce the chances of a rollover.

But even with Argo’s safety record, we still recommend taking extra precautions when operating an ATV. So let’s look at what you can do.


The 5-Point Checklist For Staying Safe On Your ATV:

  1. Always do a pre-ride inspection of your ATVs tires (checking for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure), then check brakes, chassis, headlights etc.
  2. Wear a good fitting helmet, long comfortable shirts and pants, proper eye-protection and tough boots and gloves.
  3. Ensure passengers and cargo are secured and balanced correctly, this includes knowing how trailers and attachments affect your ATVs stability and handling. Never exceed the manufacturer’s towing or capacity weight limits.
  4. Be mindful of stationary hazards like other vehicles, large rocks etc., and always drive at speeds that are safe for the weather and terrain.
  5. Never operate your ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Most of these are of course common sense, but all too often accidents occur when we fail to abide by one of these 5 points. If you are using an ATV on a daily basis, we would even recommend printing this list and pinning it up above your work boots or somewhere as a reminder. It could save your life.


Looking For A Safer ATV?

Argo ATVs are used by farmers, councils, private companies and adventurers around the world who need safety and versatility. If you would like more about Argo, please just contact the friendly team today on 1300 731 082.


The Ultimate Aussie Micro Farming Vehicle

We really do feel sorry for the people sitting in the 9-5 traffic every day, bumper to bumper, the stress and smog, only to arrive at an overcrowded office with no fresh air and a crazy manager who thinks work-life balance means emailing at 10pm at night. Yuck.

Many of us who have worked in the city, have dreamed of selling up and moving to the country to start a micro farm. Perhaps running a few head of organic grain-fed cattle or producing a crop that top Aussie restaurants go crazy for.

But farming, hobby or commercial, is not easy.

Living off the land is an honest and honourable career choice, especially in Australia where you can fry an egg on your roof in summer and need heated undies in winter. Year round, your entire livelihood can rely on your farm vehicles abilities, and that is why we here at Argo love supporting Aussie farmers.


Why Do Micro Farms Currently Use Argo’s?

Unlike 4WD, Argo’s are designed (and built) to go anywhere on your farm and make every day jobs easier, and more enjoyable, in any weather conditions. And Argo’s enables you to get out on your dam to rescue an animal, check on algae levels or allows you to take the short route home, you can simply motor through your dam like a fish in water.

No need to buy a tinny for the dam when you have an Argo!

And it is not only water, because Argo’s are built like tanks. You can easily tackle any kind of terrain on your farm like thick scrub, steep hills or banks, sand and mud, you name it!


Farmers Use Argo’s To:

  1. Move food or fertiliser more easily across difficult terrain
  2. Rescue livestock or equipment in any kind of weather conditions
  3. Make weed control and spraying a breeze with easy access
  4. Get jobs like fencing repairs done in less time
  5. Stay safe when working on steep hills, lakes and dam banks
  6. Move equipment and people to any location
  7. Reduce the amount of environmental impact on their land


Importantly for micro farms, Argo’s are also famous for outlasting any 4WD, while requiring less maintenance than either. That makes them remarkably cost effective for smaller farms where every cent can count.


A Lower Environmental Impact Than Walking

You might think that ‘walking’ would have the lowest environmental impact on your soil, who wouldn’t? But as it turns out (by no chance), a fully loaded Argo with a 200-litre spray tank and two people, applies less ground pressure than one person standing!

It is the unique Argo design that makes this possible, so if corrosion is a concern or if you do not want to disturb your soil, your farm is in light hands with an Argo.

But that does not mean the vehicle is a lightweight, no sir. An Argo can carry up to 650kg and pull up to 900kg. That means that you can carry or pull any hobby farm sized load, be it livestock, equipment or hauling your beautifully fresh produce.


Get More Out Of Your Working Day

Rain, hail or shine, farming is a lifestyle, and it rarely stops. Animals need to be fed and crops attended to. As every farmer knows, there are always jobs to do somewhere around the farm.

Because Argo’s are more versatile and reliable than a 4WD, with easier access to do chores like spraying and fencing, most farmers that use an Argo are getting more work done in their day.

Then there is keeping you, your family and workers safe. If you get injured, well you likely know what would happen. For these reasons, we are proud to announce that over the last 39 years, Argo’s have had a zero fatality rate in Australia. Argo’s are safe.


The Technical Reasons An Argo Is So Safe

We start by using conventional controls and gauges, so while an Argo is downright fun to drive, you do not need to worry about learning and operating a new vehicle.

Then we have designed the Argo to have a zero turning radius for easy and safe operation on inclines and declines, and on top of that, the more you load your Argo the safer the vehicle is.

The load you put in your Argo sits ‘inside the vehicle’ and there is no moving suspension, meaning unlike a 4WD, you can say goodbye to that nasty ‘bounce effect’ that causes so many injuries on farms.


Contact Argo Today!

If you are a micro farmer, we take our hats off. If you are looking for the ultimate micro farming vehicle that is cost effective, safe, more versatile than a swiss army knife and fun to drive, we would love to chat about how an Argo can help your micro farm.

Just get in touch with the friendly Argo team today on 1300 731 082.

Do You Need To Haul Heavy Loads Across Difficult Terrains?

Do You Need To Haul Heavy Loads Across Difficult Terrains?

Whether you are hauling hay during the wet season or towing specialised equipment to a remote mining site, the Argo is designed for those who need to haul heavy loads across difficult terrains.

The sheer pulling power of an Argo can seem relentless.

With a 650kg load capacity and a 900kg towing capacity, an Argo is the perfect work or play companion; even adventure tour operators are now using Argo’s to transport people and equipment where a 4WD truck, conventional ATV come unstuck and are limited in their towing abilities.


Farming: Using An Argo To Haul Food, Livestock Or Equipment

Farmers across Australia and the world love their Argo’s for moving food and fertiliser across difficult parts of their farms. And with the towing abilities, are using their Argo’s to rescue livestock or equipment in daunting weather, make spraying a snap, and using their Argo’s to haul heavy loads like trees that need removal.

Towing for farmers is only the beginning however, Argo’s are also famous for outlasting any 4WD while requiring lower maintenance. That makes the Argo remarkably cost effective if you are looking for the ultimate farm vehicle!


Mining: Get Your Workers And Equipment Safely To Challenging Locations

As the only ATV that is approved for use on Australian mining sites, Argo’s are hauling personnel and equipment to difficult locations each and every day, from first on-site surveyors and drillers, to reducing response time on critical projects like pipeline maintenance.

With leading auger and power pack attachments, Argo’s can be fitted with equipment such as the Maxilift mono-boom crane, or drilling modules for research and sample collection. Argo also developed a Universal Mounting System (UMS) with partners such as VMAC, Lincoln Electric and Chicago Pneumatic, so options like custom toolboxes, generators, water pumps, etc can easily be customised and added for your equipment needs.

With its pulling capacity of difficult terrains, you can get your people and equipment safely to any location on your mining site, or a new one.


Government: Argo’s Are Being Used For Council Projects All Over Australia

With a proven track record supporting the Australian government, Argo all-terrain vehicles are helping councils and rescue services haul personnel and equipment to challenging locations.

Meeting and exceeding most tender specifications, the Argo’s towing abilities make this ATV the perfect vehicle for government projects, like the Queensland council’s project to combat mosquito plagues to the Argo’s used to help maintain Australia’s largest 5,614km long dingo fence.

Contact us if you would like to see one case study that shows that the Argo is up to four times safer and faster than conventional transportation means.


Camping: Haul People, Gear And Your Catch

On dirt, sand and even mud trails, an Argo pulls along like there is a herd of wild buffalo out front, and corners on a dime. Driving an Argo feels like you are floating over sand and rock and an ARGO climbs hills like a tank, even with a full 900kg load attached.

So, whether you are lugging gear to a remote or difficult to access camp, hauling firewood or your days catch, an Argo can make camping, fishing or just exploring uncharted location fun and safe.

The best part of taking an Argo on your next family adventure, you can wave goodbye to the growing 4WD crowds as you be able to access places a 4WD couldn’t dream of.


One Argo Can Replace Multiple Vehicles

Argo ‘s can tow your equipment anywhere, anytime, in the worst weather condition you could imagine. Because of this, a lot of our customers find that they can reduce the number of vehicles they need, especially on farms and mining sites.

With more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, Argo’s use little fuel and are easy to drive, even when hauling a 900kg load.

If you would like to know more about towing equipment with an Argo, please get in touch with the Argo team on 1300 731 082.

Mosquito Spraying? See Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo Atv’s

Mosquito Spraying? See Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo ATV’s

With the threat of Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, Dengue and other real threats to humans and livestock, mosquitoes are indisputably one of Australia’s worst and most dangerous pests.
Diseases carried by mosquitoes are responsible for over 700,000 deaths a year globally according to the Bill Gates Foundation, and given our perfect climate for mosquito breeding in Australia. It is clear why farmers and councils like Brisbane City Council allocate around $3.5 million a year towards mosquito treatment.
Safely fighting mosquitoes, however, is not so straightforward.
Mosquitoes require water or wet environments to breed, posing real challenges for researchers and spraying teams working in wet, flooded, muddy, protected and difficult to access locations. An unfortunate side-effect of needing to work in these areas, is that time to complete a mosquito spray and safety risks are increased.


Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo ATV’s

Over the last 39 years, farmers and councils have been turning to more versatile Argo ATV’s. Meeting reliability, safety, budget and all government tender specifications, Argo ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) can go almost anywhere including across lakes and dams where mozzie breeding is most prevalent.
When spraying mosquitoes, having easy access to flooded areas and waterways is paramount, and that is where Argo ATV’s shine for spraying teams, ecologists and researchers on the ground.

Argo ATV’s Can Be Four Time More Efficient

One recent Queensland Council case study showed that Argo ATV’s are up to 4 x faster and safer than traditional transportation means. Argo ATV’s are more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, and because of this, they are truly ideal for the toughest mosquito spraying locations!
Getting your mosquito spraying done faster can increase your profits, public support and help reduce budgets. You can see Argo ATV’s in action here.

Reduce Soil And Your Environmental Impact

Reducing soil compaction is particularly important for farmers or councils spraying mosquitoes in national parks, endangered or protected areas. To highlight how remarkably low an Argo ATV’s environmental impact is. An unloaded Argo equipped with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts around 1.5 psi in comparison to a single human footprint is around 7-8 psi on the ground.
Argo ATV’s have an exceptionally low environmental impact, ideal for farmers or councils spraying mosquitoes around produce soil or protected areas.


4. Argo ATV’s Use Simple, Standard Controls

Another benefit for workers using an Argo ATV is that they use conventional automotive controls and gauges. We can provide training if required for extreme conditions, however unlike some other ATV’s and UTV’s, most people can jump in and very safely drive an Argo ATV through any terrain without prior training.

The Argo ATV’s zero turning radius also contributes to an easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of landscapes and weather conditions. There’s a lot of situations where injuries occur due to trying to turn a vehicle around in a tight space or on a steep gradient, and these turning accidents are something an Argo ATV can prevent.


Contact The Argo Team With Any Question

The versatility and safety of Argo ATV’s make them ideal for council and farmers spraying for mosquitoes, along with numerous other projects. If you have any questions about your project, please just get in touch with the Argo team today on 1300 731 082. You can also view our range here.
Argo vehicles, proudly produced since 1967.

Argo Atv’s – For When Safety Is Paramount

Argo ATV’s – For When Safety Is Paramount

If you are looking to keep yourself, your team or contractors safe, especially in challenging environments and remote locations with limited vehicle access, then an Argo ATV may be the perfect solution. Due to their safety, Argo ATV’s are used across numerous Australian farms, mining sites and government projects.

While we here at Argo get to work with amazing clients, like helping NASA develop future vehicles for space exploration, safety is one of our biggest focuses at Argo. Why? Because even the chance of a fatality can put a farmer’s entire livelihood is at stake. For mining companies and councils, it’s keeping your team’s motivation and morale as high as possible with public eyes and community pressures on top of that.

The key to Argo ATV’s zero fatality safety record, our unique ATV design:


1. Argo ATV’s Have A Low Centre Of Gravity

Argo ATV’s are more versatile and reliable than traditional vehicles in all kinds of terrains including mud, ice or even across lakes and dams, and their low centre of gravity with 225 mm of ground clearance provides sure footing while climbing steep banks, going over rocks and crossing challenging wet terrains.

The key to ATV safety comes down to gravity and weight distribution. Argo ATV’s engine, gears and axles are purposely designed to sit down inside the shell, resulting in a low centre of gravity that reduces the chances of a rollover by as much as 75% compared to other ATV’s or UTV’s. This weight distribution also keeps the vehicle stable if a spraying or lifting system is mounted inside the vehicle.

As your payload sits inside the vehicle, not on it, when you load up chemicals, tools or even a team of people, this further lowers the centre of gravity and makes your Argo ATV even safer.


2. Argo ATV’s Have No Moving Suspension Travel

Argo ATV’s do not have springs that can results in nasty ‘bounce effects’ in rough terrain. Instead of springs, the suspension is managed by the vehicle’s unique tires and wheels, instantly reducing the chances of a roll, undesired bouncing or compression effects that can result in injury or fatality.

Even with some of an Argo ATV’s wheels suspended in the air, an Argo ATV has enough traction to keep moving forward and its tires let the Argo climb steep terrain without getting flats or rolling. This unique setup means an Argo ATV can cross terrains and other obstacles that no other ATV can manage, safely and securely.


3. Argo ATV’s Rollover Protection System, Or ROPS Option

Keeping in mind that while Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia and are the only ATV to be allowed onto Australian mining sites, if you are working in remarkably extreme or remote terrains, it’s important to take the next level of protection for you and your team. In these cases, we would recommend an optional rollover protection system or ROPS for your vehicles.

Argo ATV’s can be certified to ISO standard if required too, and if you would like to know more about our certifications and testing procedures, please contact our team on 1300 731 082 today for a chat.


4. Argo ATV’s Use Simple, Standard Controls

Another benefit for workers using an Argo ATV is that they use conventional automotive controls and gauges. We can provide training if required for extreme conditions, however unlike some other ATV’s and UTV’s, most people can jump in and very safely drive an Argo ATV through any terrain without prior training.

The Argo ATV’s zero turning radius also contributes to an easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of landscapes and weather conditions. There’s a lot of situations where injuries occur due to trying to turn a vehicle around in a tight space or on a steep gradient, and these turning accidents are something an Argo ATV can prevent.


Contact The Argo Team With Any Safety Question

With a zero fatality rate record across all kinds Australian projects, Argo all-terrain vehicles are changing the way farmers, companies, councils and governments are getting personnel and equipment to challenging locations.

If you would like more about Argo’s safety, certifications or testing procedures, please just contact our friendly team today on 1300 731 082.

Beat The 4wd Masses On Your Next Family Camping Trip With An Argo

Are you flicking through the internet, eagerly planning your next family camping trip to one of Australia’s most majestic spots like Fraser or Bribie island, Port Stephens, Ninety Mile Beach, or the 1000’s of pristine camping areas in the NT, Tassie and WA?

And do you want to beat the ever growing 4WD crowds?

Do you also think that coastal caravan parks where you camp 30cm from your neighbour’s tent or caravan are a joke (with no campfire, common!), and you want real, unforgettable holidays?

If you are like us and believe camping is about getting away from it all, then you might want to check out what many true campers and adventurers call the ‘funnest way to travel’ over any kind of terrain, an Argo ATV.

One twist of the throttle and you will be hooked!


Let The Other Families Get Bogged And Frustrated

Even the most pimped out 4WD’s are renowned for getting bogged in deep sand or mud, which can be one serious downer if you are planning a family holiday. If you have been bogged on a beach or trail for hours with the kids and no 4G internet, you will know what we mean.

In an Argo, these obstacles just add more smiles to your trip and the kids will quickly forget about their phones.

On dirt and mud trails an Argo pulls along like you’ve a team of wild broncos out front, and corners with a swiftness of a Taumalolo sidestep. When driving an Argo, you will literally feel like you are floating over sand and rock, climbs hills like a tank and if you want to drive it into a lake or cross a river, you can.

Argo’s are can go amphibious, so when you take an Argo out, you have also got a tinny. Try taking a 4WD into a lake! Actually, that’s probably best avoided.

Either way, you will hear a few new giggles when you start driving your Argo into water.


An Argo Can Take You To Amazing New Locations

When you are planning a family camping or fishing adventure in the more remote places of Australia, one thing you need to be confident about, is knowing you can get the fam bam safely back to camp again. With an engine, drive train and chassis that is tougher than any 4WD on the market, you can push further with total confidence in an Argo.

Let’s say you are halfway through a sandy trail heading to a new fishing spot with the kids, but you see a stack of 4WD’s getting bogged. You might be tempted to turn back if you are also in a 4WD. In an Argo, you will have to tell the kids to not look smug as you cross with ease.

With an Argo there is little chance of getting bogged, breaking a CV, tail shaft or diff. In fact, you probably won’t be featured in any of these videos: 4×4 Fails

Yes, not being smug is hard in an Argo, one of the only downfalls really.


Keeping Your Family Safe, That Is Also Number One

Adventuring into stunning new spots is a tonne of fun, putting your family in danger is not. In Australia, Argo ATV’s have had an unmatched zero fatality rate since 1978 when the first Argo arrived on our shores from our Canadian cousins, where Argo’s are made.

Without going into all the technical details (which you can find on our main website if you like, explaining an Argo’s safety is simple. No other vehicle like it existed for serious, and safe family adventures, so we built one.

An Argo is a 4WD (more like a tank) and a small boat all in one.

As you have probably gathered, the team at Argo are passionate about exploration, so much so, that we are now helping NASA design vehicles for space exploration. But you do not need to go to space to see amazing scenery, perhaps there is a new camping spot, beach or lake near you that you have been wanting to explore?


An Argo Can Handle Everything You Throw At Them, Or In Them

An Argo can pull some serious loads, up to 900kg! And the more people or weight you put in your Argo, the safer they are. An Argo is almost the opposite of a 4WD design which originated from cars driving on smooth city roads, not an adventure built vehicle like the Mars rover.

From hauling a catch of bass or snapper to loading up your Argo with surfboards or firewood for your yearly bonfire, an Argo urges you to get out there and amongst it.

As important, Argo’s have a super low footprint (yes, ecologist use them too) so that when you find a new spot, the area will remain pristine and continue to flourish. Nobody wants to find a new a secret camping, fishing or surfing spot, only to find out that the area is gone when you next go back.

With an Argo you venture into stunning new spots, and you can keep them all for yourself. Being greedy is fun after all.


Contact The Argo Team Today

If you are looking for the ultimate family vehicle for camping and fishing, and making the kids forget about their phones for a few weeks, try an Argo. Just contact our friendly team today on 1300 731 082 with any questions, or to arrange a test drive.

Argo Atv’s, Reshaping Australian Farm Vehicles

Argo ATV’s, Reshaping Australian Farm Vehicles

From running cattle to producing crop and hobby farming, making a living off the Australian land is honest, but hard work. Argo understands this and has been working with Australian farmers for over 39 years, developing highly versatile all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) to help you get more done, in less time.

Argo ATV’s are farm vehicles that can truly go anywhere, in any weather conditions. You can use your Argo ATV to get jobs done that would normally require multiple vehicles, such as:

1. Transport equipment or livestock during torrential rain, ice or mud.
2. Make weed control and fencing repairs easier with ideal vehicle spraying and working access.
3. Work safely on steep terrain or the edge of a lake or dam.
4. Deliver hay or fertiliser with ease and optimal pulling power.
5. Carry gear or work hands in safety and comfort.
6. Significantly reduce your environmental impact.
7. Get brilliant value, Argo ATV’s last 3 times longer and are more efficient than other farm vehicles on the market.

Here’s how Argo ATV’s are helping farmers right now:


Increase Your Farm’s Output And Reduce Overheads

Due to big retail and supermarkets, today’s challenge is to get livestock or produce onto the market at highly competitive prices and being able to do continue to deliver throughout the entire year or season, rain, hail or shine.

Argo ATV’s are much more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, and because of this, farmers can get jobs done faster and more efficiently in any weather. Their physical impact is low too, not only on your soil but they don’t take up much space in the shed, use little fuel and are easy to drive.

With an Argo ATV on your side, you can get to cattle or your produce faster, increase your productivity and lower your operating overheads. You can see examples of Argo ATV’s in action here.


Is Safety Paramount On Your Farm?

Keeping you and your team safe is crucial for most farmers. If you get injured, your farm can fail to produce, and you could be stuck in a financial situation that is hard to get out of. For these reasons, we are proud to announce that Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia.

Argo ATV’s are not new to Australia, in fact, this statistic rate has been recorded over the last 39 years. The key is Argo ATV’s unique vehicle engineering and design:

  • Argo ATV’s have a remarkable low centre of gravity, and your payload sits inside the vehicle, not on top of it even further lower the weight.
  • Argo ATV’s have no moving suspension travel as this is managed by the tires and wheels, meaning there’s no springs or bounce effects that can cause injuries.
  • Rigid static rollover protection is available and should be considered in extreme terrains; please contact us to ask about this.

Another benefit for farmers is that Argo ATV’s use conventional automotive controls and gauges, and the Argo’s zero turning radius contribute to easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of conditions.


Reduce Soil Compaction And Your Environmental Impact

Reducing soil compaction is especially important during planting, but did you know that conventional tractors exert approximately 28 pounds per square inch (psi) or more on the ground, and a human footprint is around 7-8 psi?

An unloaded Argo equipped with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts only 1.5 psi, and throughout the range of Argo ATV’s you are looking at the lowest environmental impact on the market. It’s not just fruit and vegetable farms where this matters, consider trying to get through sand, mud or extremely wet conditions after rainfall; an Argo ATV will do it with ease and get you quickly to where you need to be.


Test Drive An Argo ATV Today!

With Argo’s unique engineering and features, you can complete any job safely, efficiently and easily. Just get in touch with the ARGO team today on 1300 731 082.

Argo vehicles, proudly produced since 1967.