Mosquito Spraying? See Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo Atv’s

Mosquito Spraying? See Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo ATV’s

With the threat of Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus, Dengue and other real threats to humans and livestock, mosquitoes are indisputably one of Australia’s worst and most dangerous pests.
Diseases carried by mosquitoes are responsible for over 700,000 deaths a year globally according to the Bill Gates Foundation, and given our perfect climate for mosquito breeding in Australia. It is clear why farmers and councils like Brisbane City Council allocate around $3.5 million a year towards mosquito treatment.
Safely fighting mosquitoes, however, is not so straightforward.
Mosquitoes require water or wet environments to breed, posing real challenges for researchers and spraying teams working in wet, flooded, muddy, protected and difficult to access locations. An unfortunate side-effect of needing to work in these areas, is that time to complete a mosquito spray and safety risks are increased.


Why Councils And Farmers Rely On Argo ATV’s

Over the last 39 years, farmers and councils have been turning to more versatile Argo ATV’s. Meeting reliability, safety, budget and all government tender specifications, Argo ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) can go almost anywhere including across lakes and dams where mozzie breeding is most prevalent.
When spraying mosquitoes, having easy access to flooded areas and waterways is paramount, and that is where Argo ATV’s shine for spraying teams, ecologists and researchers on the ground.

Argo ATV’s Can Be Four Time More Efficient

One recent Queensland Council case study showed that Argo ATV’s are up to 4 x faster and safer than traditional transportation means. Argo ATV’s are more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, and because of this, they are truly ideal for the toughest mosquito spraying locations!
Getting your mosquito spraying done faster can increase your profits, public support and help reduce budgets. You can see Argo ATV’s in action here.

Reduce Soil And Your Environmental Impact

Reducing soil compaction is particularly important for farmers or councils spraying mosquitoes in national parks, endangered or protected areas. To highlight how remarkably low an Argo ATV’s environmental impact is. An unloaded Argo equipped with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts around 1.5 psi in comparison to a single human footprint is around 7-8 psi on the ground.
Argo ATV’s have an exceptionally low environmental impact, ideal for farmers or councils spraying mosquitoes around produce soil or protected areas.


4. Argo ATV’s Use Simple, Standard Controls

Another benefit for workers using an Argo ATV is that they use conventional automotive controls and gauges. We can provide training if required for extreme conditions, however unlike some other ATV’s and UTV’s, most people can jump in and very safely drive an Argo ATV through any terrain without prior training.

The Argo ATV’s zero turning radius also contributes to an easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of landscapes and weather conditions. There’s a lot of situations where injuries occur due to trying to turn a vehicle around in a tight space or on a steep gradient, and these turning accidents are something an Argo ATV can prevent.


Contact The Argo Team With Any Question

The versatility and safety of Argo ATV’s make them ideal for council and farmers spraying for mosquitoes, along with numerous other projects. If you have any questions about your project, please just get in touch with the Argo team today on 1300 731 082. You can also view our range here.
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