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Conquest Pro 1050 XT-D 8X8


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This brave beast isn’t afraid of a hard day’s work. In fact, it thrives in harsh, unpredictable and challenging terrain conditions. The Conquest Pro 1050 XT-D is a dependable work partner with a 24HP three cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine for customers who have the world’s toughest jobs. If your objective is to have extra power, capacity and versatility, it’s time you hire ARGO to join your team.

Conquest Pro 1050 XT-D 8X8


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Bilge PumpStandard
CoolingLiquid Cooled
Water PropulsionYes
Full Skid PlateStandard
Load Capacity - On Land612 kg
Load Capacity - On Water324 kg
Towing Capacity907 kg
Seating Capacity - On Land2
Seating Capacity - On Water2
Fuel Capacity36 litres
Speed - On Land17 mph (27 km/h)
Speed - On Water3 mph (5 km/h)
Vehicle Weight855 kg
Axle Bearing ExtensionsStandard
AxlesOil-Bathed Axles
TiresArgo XT 117 25x12-9
Ground Pressure Tires1.7 psi (13.5 kPa)
Ground Pressure Multi Purpose Tracks0.67 psi (4.6 kPa)
Ground Clearance - Tires9.0 in (229 mm)
Ground Clearance - Tracks10.0 in (254 mm)
Length132 in (3,353 mm)
Width65 in (1,651 mm)
Height53 in (1,245 mm)