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Hydratrek D2488B


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The D2488B amphibious vehicle is the most popular Hydratrek vehicle in the field today. It is designed for the heavy hitters that have wetland projects in the utility, pipeline, and construction industries. This vehicle is also popular with public safety organizations that routinely deal with the threat of hurricanes or river flooding. In 2008 the HYDRATREK was placed in a test market with several Search and Rescue teams in the USA. Leaders in this field have been extremely impressed and receptive to the units due to the extraordinary capabilities that they exhibit. The teams were able to access areas and demonstrate scenarios that are much more difficult, if even possible, with conventional or existing equipment.

Many other industries and uses such as Utility & Pipeline Companies, Oil & Energy Exploration, Geographical Survey, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Levee Boards, Wildfire Suppression, Aquatic Vegetation Management, the Military and Forestry benefit from these unique machines. Now in Australia, the Hydartrek MPAV's are already in service in the field for CPT (Cone Penertrating Testing), running crew and fuel supplies over intertidal mudflats of Western Australia for a number of contractors to the Domgas project around Onslow and Karataha. Do you have difficuilt terrain that conventional vehicles will not traverse? Check-out the video tab below displaying the Hydratreks awesome ability!  Call Argo All Terrain Solutions now on Ph: 1300 731 082 

Hydratrek D2488B

Engine Kubota Diesel V3600T 85HP
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Electrical 12v with 90 Amp Alternator
Water Propulsion Standard; dual props
Model 12 Volt with 60 Amp Alternator
Brakes HST Brake + Parking Brake
Water Propulsion Yes
Load Capacity - On Land 1,360 kg / 3,000 lbs
Load Capacity - Rear Compartment 725 kg / 1,600 lbs
Seating Capacity - On Land Up to 8 passengers
Fuel Capacity 70L / 19 gal.
Speed - On Land 22 Km/h / 14 mph
Speed - On Water 5 Km/h / 3.5 mph
Vehicle Weight (DRY) 3,265 kg / 7,200 lbs
Instrumentation Marine Grade
Tracks 24” standard
Ground Pressure 1.5 PSI Unloaded / 2.2 PSI Fully Loaded
Length 190
Width 94
Height 110