The Ultimate Aussie Micro Farming Vehicle

We really do feel sorry for the people sitting in the 9-5 traffic every day, bumper to bumper, the stress and smog, only to arrive at an overcrowded office with no fresh air and a crazy manager who thinks work-life balance means emailing at 10pm at night. Yuck.

Many of us who have worked in the city, have dreamed of selling up and moving to the country to start a micro farm. Perhaps running a few head of organic grain-fed cattle or producing a crop that top Aussie restaurants go crazy for.

But farming, hobby or commercial, is not easy.

Living off the land is an honest and honourable career choice, especially in Australia where you can fry an egg on your roof in summer and need heated undies in winter. Year round, your entire livelihood can rely on your farm vehicles abilities, and that is why we here at Argo love supporting Aussie farmers.


Why Do Micro Farms Currently Use Argo’s?

Unlike 4WD, Argo’s are designed (and built) to go anywhere on your farm and make every day jobs easier, and more enjoyable, in any weather conditions. And Argo’s enables you to get out on your dam to rescue an animal, check on algae levels or allows you to take the short route home, you can simply motor through your dam like a fish in water.

No need to buy a tinny for the dam when you have an Argo!

And it is not only water, because Argo’s are built like tanks. You can easily tackle any kind of terrain on your farm like thick scrub, steep hills or banks, sand and mud, you name it!


Farmers Use Argo’s To:

  1. Move food or fertiliser more easily across difficult terrain
  2. Rescue livestock or equipment in any kind of weather conditions
  3. Make weed control and spraying a breeze with easy access
  4. Get jobs like fencing repairs done in less time
  5. Stay safe when working on steep hills, lakes and dam banks
  6. Move equipment and people to any location
  7. Reduce the amount of environmental impact on their land


Importantly for micro farms, Argo’s are also famous for outlasting any 4WD, while requiring less maintenance than either. That makes them remarkably cost effective for smaller farms where every cent can count.


A Lower Environmental Impact Than Walking

You might think that ‘walking’ would have the lowest environmental impact on your soil, who wouldn’t? But as it turns out (by no chance), a fully loaded Argo with a 200-litre spray tank and two people, applies less ground pressure than one person standing!

It is the unique Argo design that makes this possible, so if corrosion is a concern or if you do not want to disturb your soil, your farm is in light hands with an Argo.

But that does not mean the vehicle is a lightweight, no sir. An Argo can carry up to 650kg and pull up to 900kg. That means that you can carry or pull any hobby farm sized load, be it livestock, equipment or hauling your beautifully fresh produce.


Get More Out Of Your Working Day

Rain, hail or shine, farming is a lifestyle, and it rarely stops. Animals need to be fed and crops attended to. As every farmer knows, there are always jobs to do somewhere around the farm.

Because Argo’s are more versatile and reliable than a 4WD, with easier access to do chores like spraying and fencing, most farmers that use an Argo are getting more work done in their day.

Then there is keeping you, your family and workers safe. If you get injured, well you likely know what would happen. For these reasons, we are proud to announce that over the last 39 years, Argo’s have had a zero fatality rate in Australia. Argo’s are safe.


The Technical Reasons An Argo Is So Safe

We start by using conventional controls and gauges, so while an Argo is downright fun to drive, you do not need to worry about learning and operating a new vehicle.

Then we have designed the Argo to have a zero turning radius for easy and safe operation on inclines and declines, and on top of that, the more you load your Argo the safer the vehicle is.

The load you put in your Argo sits ‘inside the vehicle’ and there is no moving suspension, meaning unlike a 4WD, you can say goodbye to that nasty ‘bounce effect’ that causes so many injuries on farms.


Contact Argo Today!

If you are a micro farmer, we take our hats off. If you are looking for the ultimate micro farming vehicle that is cost effective, safe, more versatile than a swiss army knife and fun to drive, we would love to chat about how an Argo can help your micro farm.

Just get in touch with the friendly Argo team today on 1300 731 082.