What Does The Future Of Farming Vehicles Look Like?

In big agriculture, the future of farming is shaping up to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Drones monitoring cattle and crops, seriously advanced autonomous tractors and dozens of other technical advances that can put even more information at a farmer’s fingertips so that they can make smarter decisions.

Autonomous vehicles, for example, will be able to determine the ground moisture levels, plantation and yield statistics, efficiency of harvesting with fuel and circuit analysis, and even provide guidance on when to fertilise.


Big Agriculture Is Throwing A Lot More Money Into Developing High-Tech Tools To Increase Harvests And Profits

We however do feel that this takes away from the work ethic and charm of micro-farming. Working hard is tough, but the results are what makes us feel productive and gives us a sense of contribution. The feeling you do not get sitting behind a desk!  Automate all of that, and what do we have left? And can we trust our tractors to make the right decisions? They will after all, be talking to each other in the future.

There are also the costs associated with technology advances. Costs that will undoubtedly reduce in the years to come, but for now, even if this technology all existed, it would likely be too expensive for the majority of Aussie micro-farmers anyway.


The Future Is Exciting, But So Is Today We Think

While the Argo team are tracking, adopting and contributing to these technical advances. It is easy to get swept up in technology without fully knowing the long-term impact, i.e. people losing jobs and the results that has on our entire society.


How Is Argo Pushing Into The Future Of Farming?

In one word, cautiously! Because there are real risks that we need to take into consideration when farming. For example, did you know that sadly around 20 people were killed in ATV accidents in 2017, with half of those fatalities being mature working adults? Yup, hard-working farmers.

Imagine how high the number of injuries are in comparison to number of fatalities. Much higher! It is a scary thought. Here at Argo, our technical advanced factor in safety as the number one component. You might have heard us talking about our safety record of zero fatalities across Australia in 39 years, and this is a record we strive to keep breaking.


Safety For Us, Beats Technology

The secret to the Argo’s astonishing safety record is simple, it is physics. Argo ATVs have an extremely low Centre of Gravity (COG) and are consequently near impossible to roll, which is where most accidents happen.


Are You Moving With The Times?

While you cannot just yet put your Argo on autopilot to do your wedding or feed your cattle while you sleep in, Argo ATVs do lead the way when it comes to micro and hobby farming technology. Farmers are using Argo’s to safely and effectively cross difficult terrains like thick weeds, ice, mud, snow, sand and even dams.

If your farm has any of these challenging terrains or weather conditions, an Argo will be your best friend when you need to:

  • Move equipment or livestock during torrential rain
  • Spray weeds or repair fences, working off the side of your vehicle
  • Work safely on steep terrains like lake edges
  • Cross water and mud without getting wet or muddy
  • Reduce your environmental impact

Rain, hail or shine, Argo ATVs are built to perform, so you could say we are the leaders technically when it comes to smaller farm vehicles!


Argo’s Engineering Is Also Environmentally Friendly

It is not only the ability to replace a few farming vehicles with 1 Argo, it is also the Argo’s ability to reduce soil compaction that matters. Your standard tractor exerts around 28 psi or more on your soil, a human footprint is around 7-8 psi. An Argo with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts around 1.5 psi. Remarkable engineering!

In many ways, we believe this low environmental impact is the future of farming too. Because while automation is a hot topic, ensuring the soil in your ground can be used year-after-year should be an even hotter topic.


Like To Know More About How Argo Are Leading The Way For Smaller Farms?

If you are a micro-farmer, we know that effectively and efficiently harvesting all year round really matters. And if you are looking for the ultimate micro-farm vehicle that is more versatile than a swiss army knife, we would love to chat with you. Simply get in touch with the friendly Argo team today on 1300 731 082.

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