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Meet Patrick McBryde of North Queensland Australia Paddy’s passion for the infamous Argo started at the very young age of only 3 years. From the very first moment young Paddy’s eyes caught sight of an Argo he ran and climbed straight in and sat there saying “Dad, Dad buy this one”. Sitting there thinking “One day I will buy myself one of these”. Even the tease of a new Argo T-shirt could not tear him away from the Argo that day.

Paddy’s Mum Angie calls it “more of an OBSESSION than a passion”. “Anyone Paddy speaks to gets the full ‘low-down’ on the Argos”. “He still does it today when he meets people”.  “Paddy is always on YouTube checking out movies and peoples posts about the Argo’s. There is nothing he doesn’t know about Argos”.

The persuasive gifts back at 3 years of age of a T-shirt and an Argo DVD, have now long worn out but Paddy’s passion and ‘love affair’ live on strong and run deep in Paddy’s veins.

Now 12 years old, Paddy’s hard work on the family farm, his sheer determination and persistence has paid off as of last Christmas Paddy received his very own Blue Argo Frontier 580 6WD Amphibious all-terrain vehicle, complete with a Roll Bar. Oh yeah, and a new Argo T-Shirt and DVD.

Congratulations Paddy, we all at Argo are very proud of you. Well done and enjoy your Argo!

Argo All Terrain Vehicles (Aust)  Ph: 1300 731 082

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