Argo Atv’s – For When Safety Is Paramount

Argo ATV’s – For When Safety Is Paramount

If you are looking to keep yourself, your team or contractors safe, especially in challenging environments and remote locations with limited vehicle access, then an Argo ATV may be the perfect solution. Due to their safety, Argo ATV’s are used across numerous Australian farms, mining sites and government projects.

While we here at Argo get to work with amazing clients, like helping NASA develop future vehicles for space exploration, safety is one of our biggest focuses at Argo. Why? Because even the chance of a fatality can put a farmer’s entire livelihood is at stake. For mining companies and councils, it’s keeping your team’s motivation and morale as high as possible with public eyes and community pressures on top of that.

The key to Argo ATV’s zero fatality safety record, our unique ATV design:


1. Argo ATV’s Have A Low Centre Of Gravity

Argo ATV’s are more versatile and reliable than traditional vehicles in all kinds of terrains including mud, ice or even across lakes and dams, and their low centre of gravity with 225 mm of ground clearance provides sure footing while climbing steep banks, going over rocks and crossing challenging wet terrains.

The key to ATV safety comes down to gravity and weight distribution. Argo ATV’s engine, gears and axles are purposely designed to sit down inside the shell, resulting in a low centre of gravity that reduces the chances of a rollover by as much as 75% compared to other ATV’s or UTV’s. This weight distribution also keeps the vehicle stable if a spraying or lifting system is mounted inside the vehicle.

As your payload sits inside the vehicle, not on it, when you load up chemicals, tools or even a team of people, this further lowers the centre of gravity and makes your Argo ATV even safer.


2. Argo ATV’s Have No Moving Suspension Travel

Argo ATV’s do not have springs that can results in nasty ‘bounce effects’ in rough terrain. Instead of springs, the suspension is managed by the vehicle’s unique tires and wheels, instantly reducing the chances of a roll, undesired bouncing or compression effects that can result in injury or fatality.

Even with some of an Argo ATV’s wheels suspended in the air, an Argo ATV has enough traction to keep moving forward and its tires let the Argo climb steep terrain without getting flats or rolling. This unique setup means an Argo ATV can cross terrains and other obstacles that no other ATV can manage, safely and securely.


3. Argo ATV’s Rollover Protection System, Or ROPS Option

Keeping in mind that while Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia and are the only ATV to be allowed onto Australian mining sites, if you are working in remarkably extreme or remote terrains, it’s important to take the next level of protection for you and your team. In these cases, we would recommend an optional rollover protection system or ROPS for your vehicles.

Argo ATV’s can be certified to ISO standard if required too, and if you would like to know more about our certifications and testing procedures, please contact our team on 1300 731 082 today for a chat.


4. Argo ATV’s Use Simple, Standard Controls

Another benefit for workers using an Argo ATV is that they use conventional automotive controls and gauges. We can provide training if required for extreme conditions, however unlike some other ATV’s and UTV’s, most people can jump in and very safely drive an Argo ATV through any terrain without prior training.

The Argo ATV’s zero turning radius also contributes to an easy and safe operation, even in the most challenging of landscapes and weather conditions. There’s a lot of situations where injuries occur due to trying to turn a vehicle around in a tight space or on a steep gradient, and these turning accidents are something an Argo ATV can prevent.


Contact The Argo Team With Any Safety Question

With a zero fatality rate record across all kinds Australian projects, Argo all-terrain vehicles are changing the way farmers, companies, councils and governments are getting personnel and equipment to challenging locations.

If you would like more about Argo’s safety, certifications or testing procedures, please just contact our friendly team today on 1300 731 082.

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