Guide: The 5-point Checklist For Staying Safe On Your Atv

While Argo ATVs are by far the safest all-terrain-vehicles on the Australian market, with a zero fatality rate across Australia in 39 years, it probably goes without saying that still pays to take all precautions when you, friends and family are operating an ATV.

That is why we have created a neat 5-point checklist, to help you stay safe. But before jumping into it, it is good to understand the risks ‘standard ATVs’ come with, starting with a few stats.

In Australia, we need to look back to July 2000 – December 2005 when during these 5.5 years, the ATV Deaths Register recorded a total of 76 ATV associated fatalities, 53 of these from ATVs being used on farms.

As for injuries, the stats sadly stack up too. Data gathered in NSW alone for ATV hospital admissions over the same 5.5 year period showed 228 cases. You can only imagine this injury figure across all of Australia!

Your ‘standard ATVs’ come with risks, which is why the ARGO team designed our ATVs for safety first and our vehicles are used extensively for applications like farming, mining and government projects where safety is paramount.


The Two Key Reasons Argo ATVs Are Safer:


1. A Lower Centre Of Gravity

Considering that 43% of all fatalities in the studies above were due to rollovers, ATV safety is directly linked to gravity and weight distribution. That is why the Argo ATV’s engine, gears and axles all sit down in the shell, to lower the centre of gravity and reduce rollovers by up to 75% when compared to standard ATVs!


2. No Moving Suspension Travel

Rollovers are often caused by the nasty ‘bounce effects’ that you get with suspension, suspension is a big spring after all. Instead of springs, Argo ATVs use unique tires and wheels for a comfy ride, and in turn, significantly reduce the chances of a rollover.

But even with Argo’s safety record, we still recommend taking extra precautions when operating an ATV. So let’s look at what you can do.


The 5-Point Checklist For Staying Safe On Your ATV:

  1. Always do a pre-ride inspection of your ATVs tires (checking for the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure), then check brakes, chassis, headlights etc.
  2. Wear a good fitting helmet, long comfortable shirts and pants, proper eye-protection and tough boots and gloves.
  3. Ensure passengers and cargo are secured and balanced correctly, this includes knowing how trailers and attachments affect your ATVs stability and handling. Never exceed the manufacturer’s towing or capacity weight limits.
  4. Be mindful of stationary hazards like other vehicles, large rocks etc., and always drive at speeds that are safe for the weather and terrain.
  5. Never operate your ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Most of these are of course common sense, but all too often accidents occur when we fail to abide by one of these 5 points. If you are using an ATV on a daily basis, we would even recommend printing this list and pinning it up above your work boots or somewhere as a reminder. It could save your life.


Looking For A Safer ATV?

Argo ATVs are used by farmers, councils, private companies and adventurers around the world who need safety and versatility. If you would like more about Argo, please just contact the friendly team today on 1300 731 082.


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