Local Australian Councils Now Rely On Argo Atv’s

Local Australian Councils Now Rely On Argo ATV’s

With a proven track record assisting the Australian government, Argo All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) have changed the way local councils and rescue services are getting personnel and equipment to challenging locations, such as through remote national parks.

From combating mosquito plagues to over ten years of safe, highly versatile transportation for the workers maintaining 5,614 km of dingo fence, Argo ATV’s are now relied upon to get the tough projects done, on time and budget.

One recent Queensland Council case study showed that Argo is up to four times faster and safer than traditional transportation means.


Why Are Argo ATV’s The Sound Option For Council Projects?

There are a few key advantages that separate Argo ATV’s from other government transportation vehicles being used in the field:

  • Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia, a statistic that has been recorded over the last 39 years.
  • Argo ATV’s go places that most vehicles can not, with a remarkably low environmental impact.
  • One Argo ATV could replace multiple vehicles in your fleet. They are reliable, cost effective and capable of diverse council activities.


1. Argo ATV’s Have A Zero Fatality Rate Across Australia

Keeping employees and contractors safe is crucial, not just for their motivation and moral, but also to avoid unions and internal investigation teams. Then there is also public pressures to take into consideration when choosing the right vehicles for your project, deadlines and budgets.

For these reasons, we can proudly announce that Argo ATV’s have a zero fatality rate across Australia.

Argo ATV’s are not new to Australia, and in actual fact, this fatality rate has been recorded over the last 39 years. The key is Argo ATV’s engineering and unique vehicle design, with a remarkable low centre of gravity and rigid, static rollover protection.

If you would like more about our Argo safety and testing procedures, please contact our team on 1300 731 082.


2. Argo Goes Places Most Vehicle Can’t, With A Remarkable Low Environmental Footprint

Argo ATV’s are not only more versatile and reliable than traditional vehicles, they also offer a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Reducing the environmental impact can be seen by looking at soil compaction, for example, a typical tractor exerts around 28 pounds per square inch (psi) or more on the ground and a human walking is around 7-8 psi. An unloaded ARGO equipped with 15” multi-purpose tracks exerts just 1.5 psi. ArgoATV’s are some of, if not the lowest environmental impact vehicles on the market.

If you require vehicles that can go anywhere with the lowest environmental impact, consider Argo.


3. One Argo Could Replace Multiple Vehicles In Your Council’s Fleet

Argo ATV’s can go almost anywhere, in any weather conditions. They are ideal for bush, forest, sand, steep and stony terrain, mud, ice, snow or even for transportation near lakes and dams. For these reasons, Argo ATV’s can get jobs done that would normally require multiple vehicles, increasing project speed and efficiency while reducing costs.

Our ATV’s are more manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable than 4WD’s, use little fuel and are easy to drive. Argo ATV’s have a low physical impact too, so they don’t require much space when to comes to storage or transportation.

Argo can help your team safely access difficult areas and get challenging tasks completed with greater ease and a minimal impact on the environment.

Simply Contact The Argo Team With Any Question

Argo ATV’s make sense for council budgets and safety requirements, so if you have any questions, please just get in touch with the Argo team today on 1300 731 082.


Argo vehicles, proudly produced since 1967.

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